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1Touch™ Self Defense Project

1Touch™ Self-defense Project for Veterans

2017 - 1Touch Worked With the following organizations under the VA Adaptive Sports Grant

  • Atlanta VAMC
  • Washington DC VAMC
  • Charlotte VAMC 
  • Long Beach VA BRC


We are looking forward to working with the following organizations in 2018!

  • VA Caribbean Health Care System
  • Edward Hines Jr. VAMC 
  • Birmingham VAMC
  • Carl Vinson VAMC
  • Minneapolis VAHCS
  • Midwest Military Outreach
  • NJ VA Healthcare System
  • Overton Brooks VAMC
  • Atlanta VAMC
  • Washington DC VAMC
  • National Disabled Veterans TEE Tournament

Testimonials from Veterans and VA Staff

“This training has been needed for several years. I have no doubt that my vets will feel safer and more empowered with this training”.

- Catherine Rodgers

“The 1 Touch Certification training was an amazing experience for me and the other VA staff and veterans that attended. The quality of the informational materials and teaching far supersede other programs I have been a part of in the blindness community. We will have the opportunity to extend the learning to the broader community thanks to the insight and guidance from the management of this non-profit. Very highly recommended!”

-- Dana A. Draa, MA, CAPP, COMS, CRC, Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) Coordinator

“I have taken several sessions of the one Touch program. In each session I have learned more to increase my independence and become more confident in my mobility and orientation. I would like to thank 1Touch for a program that helps a blind individual to feel safe and confident in their travel. Knowing that there are techniques and skills to help you in a situation where you are uncomfortable.Knowing that peaceful resolution is the first option. It gives you the confidence to feel safe in trouble knowing that if something happen you have skills and techniques to protect yourself. I would love to learn the skills to be able to share and teach others to also feel confident in their travel and daily activities”.

- Thomas Neal

“I would like to think the One-Touch Organization for the Introduction Workshop. I really enjoyed the class and the instructions that you all gave me was very beneficial and very easy grasp. I am looking forward to receiving the One-Touch Coaching Registration Information and upon receipt I will complete all documents required in order for me to participate in the One-Touch Coaching Certification Course”

- Dennis Darnes

“I would like to thank first and foremost VA coordinators Mr. Udobi and Sensei Mark Smith for coordinating the one touch program with magnificent instructors Steve and Miranda Brown. The instructions given from these two very knowledgeable persons were extremely powerful and straightforward. Additional teachings was given as the instructors made their rounds ensuring all students were on the same level and the forms were preformed properly with no injury. What I appreciated the most is the fact that it didn't matter the students disability as Steve and Miranda made it their duty to give the best quality advice on each form and technique. During our training session the students were presented with different sceneries which can be applied to situations that we are faced with in daily life. These situations brought about three responses fight, flight, and freeze and if defending or attacking is necessary given the circumstances. I can only speak for myself but in sure we can all say this experience was nothing less than enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend these two instructors and the one touch program for future collaborations with veterans and the veteran’s affairs. Look forward to seeing more programs like this and one’s similar. Again thank you veteran’s affairs and one touch program”

- Joseph Mcmillian

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Stephen, the entire 1Touch team and VA Adaptive Sports for the wonderful opportunity to attend the introductory workshop at the Atlanta VAMC. As a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, I’ve served Veterans who have not only lost their vision, but their confidence as well. This course provides a hands-on experience that enables learners to take back their power! I’ve already recommended the 3-day certification course to blind rehab instructors and Veterans. Hopefully, the VA will sponsor training at other facilities”!

– Ella Hart VA National Program Consultant

“The initial One-Touch training encourages one’s self confidence and to be involved rather than “freeze” in action. As a participant I was guided through what I needed to learn in a positive way. Instructor provided feedback how to improve the techniques if needed. The instructor’s approach provided both action-oriented and talking to describe to the person who is visually impaired what will be happening. It was a good combination to have sighted and visually impaired participants practice the moves & techniques and also to have actions described verbally and demonstrated hands-on. Overall, a good outreach program to all ages, not gender specific, and helps to increase independence. The instructor was clear in instructions, respectful, and allowed it to be a fun but important training”.

- MaryAnn Zelinsky VA

“I really learned a lot from attending the 1Touch class. I use to feel like there was a possible chance I would not know what to do in an altercation. Now armed with the knowledge of 1Touch, there are techniques that can be used for self-defense. Thanks to the coach’s, staff and VA for bringing this program to the veterans. I will be looking forward to future classes”.

- Eugene J.

“While attending the 1Touch workshop as VAMC Staff, I was able to observe the faces of some of our patients in attendance. It was interesting to see the reward in their faces as they mastered each of the 1Touch techniques. Clearly, everyone left the workshop feeling a richer sense of self security and empowerment that did not arrive with them. All are hungry for more”.

- Mark Smith, VA

“I enjoyed the one touch seminar on January 6, 2017. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. I greatly appreciate the seminar. I think Veterans with PTSD, as well as those with anger issues could benefit from this course as well. Example, how to not over react to a situation (as we humans sometimes do). Learning to assess and evaluate a situation before reacting could be very useful (could also keep a lot of people stay out of trouble. Provided they are willing to go through with the training). I honestly see a lot of good one touch could do for many. Thank you again”

- Christiana Jones

“Here are some of the key benefits I believe consumers can gain from 1-Touch Self Defense:

• Increased Confidence-reduced anxiety, fear and mindset
• Increased Independence and Decreased Isolation
• Opportunities not only to socialize, but to connect with others who have a similar experience as you
• Exercise and Fitness- 1Touch is going to require repeated ongoing physical practice
• Provides an opportunity for purpose in that 1Touch requires commitment & dedication in order to learn
• Vocational Opportunities

Thanks again for the opportunity to attend! This was quite valuable to have the opportunity to learn and experience firsthand.

- Amber Mavroff

Recommendation letters can be provided upon request.

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