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1Touch™ Self Defense Project

About 1Touch™ Project

About The Founder

Mr. Nicholls began his training in the Kodenkan Danzan-R yu system of Ju-Jitsu in 1980 under Professor Kufferath. He is an established instructor in London and holds a professional trainer certification with the CIEH. After being invited to teach a self-defense workshop at British Guide Dogs, Stephen came to the realization that their needed to be a comprehensive curriculum for the blind, a platform for distribution and continued development. Mr. Nicholls has since risen to this challenge and continues to teach, promote and certify instructors internationally.

As the Founder & Director of the Enabling Safety Project (ESP) and subsequently 1Touch Project, Stephen’s role is that of executor of the organization and all programs therein. At the time of this writing Mr. Nicholls is also the sole authority as to who may become a certified coach and is the only one who can teach coaching certification courses.


In 2009, Director Stephen Nicholls was invited to present a personal security seminar for the London VI community. The level of interest was phenomenal; from attendance and response it was immediately apparent that no one else was providing these services to the community.

Demand has been growing ever since, with additional requests from individuals, Royal National Institute for the Blind, British Guide Association and the Blind Sports Association, for a full program to be distributed throughout Britain. The program entered the United States in 2010 and since is working with numerous schools and agencies for the blind. Prototypes and ongoing classes are being conducted across the United States.

The original intention of 1Touch™ was self-defense training for VI individuals. In the course of various pilot seminars, it became apparent that with the correct delivery infrastructure the initial successful approach could be broadened to address a range of issues (e.g. health and wellness, rehabilitation, confidence building, spatial awareness training, mobility, etc.) aligned with many objectives of the VI community and their representative bodies.

As a certificated program the course is designed for distribution based on seminar training.

Mission Statement

1Touch Project’s mission is to provide ongoing self-development and rehabilitation courses specifically for people who are visually impaired and those considered to be vulnerable members of society.

Core Values

Minimizing risk, maximizing independence, increasing life chances.

What Is the 1Touch™?

The 1Touch™ is the first comprehensive descriptive self-defense program designed specifically for people who are blind. The program is a hands-on self-defense technique for dealing with assaults, aggressive behavior, and bullying. 1Touch explores participant’s hidden assumptions regarding their own disability -- their personal perception of their blindness and insecurities built upon that perception. The 1Touch Project is primarily a method of personal development.

How Does It Work?

1Touch™ addresses the physical and psychological causes of insecurity and vulnerability through the empowering practice of hands-on, active, self-defense methods, self-defense theory, and discussions examining what makes one insecure and why.

Who Will Benefit From 1Touch™?

The self-defense system is fully accessible to all, and designed for practicality. There are no age restrictions, no physical strength requirements, and no prior experience in martial arts necessary to participate. Class curriculum is adapted to the appropriate audiences. Everyone is welcome to participate:

  • Deaf
  • Seniors
  • Sighted
  • Children
  • Veterans
  • Deaf/Blind
  • Multi-disabled
  • Male or Female
  • Blind/Visually Impaired
  • Professionals in Blindness Education


Benefits of 1Touch™?

Learning these techniques has proven highly effective in the development of:

  • Independence
  • Self-Confidence
  • Tactile Sensitivity
  • Social Interaction
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Mobility & Dexterity
  • Communication Skills
  • Enthusiasm/self-worth
  • Adapting to Vision Loss
  • Greater Health Physically, Psychological


Benefits to the Community

  • Challenges Perceptions of Personal/Social Capabilities
  • Provides Employment Opportunity (Teaching/Coaching)
  • Confidence for Yourself, Family and Friends
  • Proactive Police and Community Relations
  • Increased Awareness of Your Rights and the Law

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1Touch™ Project is a registered vendor of the Federal Government.
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