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1Touch™ Self Defense Project

1Touch™ Training Options

The program is designed to expand through self-generation by community members for community members. Individuals have the option of attending one of our introductory workshops, participating in an ongoing class, or becoming a certified 1Touch™ coach. We are training blind and sighted coaches who, through their certification, can go on to present their own demos. Coaches can hold introductory workshops and ongoing classes in their communities. Through empowering participants and offering them the opportunity to teach others we hope to extend the healing, life-expanding benefits of 1Touch™ to the world.

Introductory Workshops

During an introductory workshop, we engage in a dialog of many common misnomers about self-defense, explain the root of them and why they are neither effective nor reliable for our purposes. Only then can we can begin to form a systematic understanding of effective tactics and strategies. We proceed to hands-on exercises designed to overcome the initial shock of common attacks and build up to practical techniques. Principles relating to maintaining physical contact and conservation of movement are emphasized. The students are then introduced to methods of effective striking including: when to strike, how to strike and why a purely percussive system is not well suited for our purposes. All methods follow a set of principle actions, which are explained and demonstrated over the course of the training session. Classes are formed around the students by exploring their abilities, and using them as a catalyst for teaching effective self-defense.

Coaching Certification Course

The instructor’s course enables others to teach the 1Touch™ syllabus in their constituency. This course is presented in the form of seminar training which includes the minimum hourly requirement and final exam. Once the participants have successfully shown competency, they will be certified through the 1Touch™ Project to operate 1Touch™ Self Defense for the blind in their constituency.

Course Topics

  • Presentation
  • Travel Safety
  • Threat Analysis
  • Threat Response
  • Threat Recognition
  • Personal Awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Posture and Presentation
  • The Legalities of Self-Defense
  • Practical Self Defense Techniques
  • Competence of Self-Defense Curriculum
  • Disability Awareness/Sensitivity Training


Training Fee

The total cost to become a certified 1Touch™ Coach is $600, with 50% due upon registration. The fee includes:

  • 3 days of intensive training (24 hours) 
  • Audio described DVD
  • Instructor’s Manual/Sample Curriculum
  • Optional 3 Month Review
  • 6 Month Final Written and Physical Exam
  • Support/Forum/Network
  • 19.5 ACVREP CE Hours


Coaches Characteristics

Compassion - Instructors must have compassion for their students and the community in which we serve.

Competence - One’s ability to put into practice all that they profess to do, and show or otherwise convey the application of theory.

Confidence - An instructor's role is a balancing act. One must exude confidence, while maintaining one’s modesty.

Coaches Minimum Requirements

  • Engage and teach in the disabled community
  • Be willing to integrate the practice and teaching into their lives, personally and professionally
  • Maintain basic physical stamina to undergo the 2.5 day intensive training
  • Support fellow students and teachers through sharing
  • Read, understand and agree to the 1Touch™ Project Coaching Contract
  • Participate in forum discussion and open q and a sessions
  • Conduct seminars that lead and promote classes (if appropriate)
  • Agree to the $150 yearly licensing fee -- which is prorated after a successful six month review


After completion of the coaching certification course, 1Touch™ coaches are on a six month probationary 1Touch Project coaching status. At the end of this six month period a final examination is given. The final exam covers 1Touch™ physical aspect, theory, teaching methodology, and sensitivity awareness. After successful completion of the probationary period and final exam, coaches are successfully certified through the 1Touch Project. The process of the practice is one of perception, confidence, transformation, rehabilitation, communication, and personal development.

1Touch™ Project is a registered vendor of the Federal Government.
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