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1 Touch™ Testimonials

“I am glad I was able to attend the one touch workshop held in Hawaii. The instructional methods were very descriptive and hands on. There were other people if they're trained in the use of self defense strategies and techniques to provide individual assistance. The strategies and techniques we learned can be easily implemented if ever needed. I would definitely recommend this workshop to either blind or visually impaired people. In fact, I would even take it again!”

- Anonymous

“Well thought out. Made me think out of the box. Addressed a subject I never had an in depth understanding of. I will use this information to help the veterans and others to help with an improvement of all of our lives. Thank you thank you thank you!”

- Anonymous

“This course was very useful for practicing verbal communication and description of movements in a self defense style class. Also, it helped to improve proprioception and sensitivity of spatial awareness. I feel more confident in defending myself without the use of sight and also about my teaching skills through repetitive drills and scenarios. I feel anyone could find value in attending this course. Its hands-on learning style, verbal navigation and need for feeling and a lot of verbal communication with everyone was valuable”

- Anonymous

“The 1Touch™ Project course was informative and interesting. I learned a lot about using verbal skills and patience. I have a better understanding of communicating and using my different senses. I would like to use what I have learned to help others that are blind and disabled. I also would like to continue in practice what I have learned”

- Anonymous

“I enjoyed this program. It was very instructive with how to teach people who are blind and how to explain the movements of the 1Touch™ self-defense steps and forms. It was a great program and I love the concept and idea of it. Hope to help others with what I learned from this program”

- Anonymous

“I found the 1Touch™ Self-defense to be very useful for myself as a self-defense method. Self-defense skills are liberating for anyone, and perhaps even more so for those that are perceived to be vulnerable. This class has made me more aware of the challenges people who are blind face. I am lucky to be able to help other people who are blind in the future”

- Anonymous

“Aloha, thank you very much for the opportunity to learn the 1Touch™ Project self-defense program. It has really helped us to learn ways that we can help people who are blind to gain vital life skills as well as to help us to understand more about the unique challenges and capabilities that people who are blind have to face and how we can all help each other. Mahalo”

- Anonymous

“1Touch™ Self-defense is a great program with a lot of valuable information. The coaches course was very well taught with a very simple and effective method of training people who are blind to defend themselves. After this course, I hope to be able to help people who are blind, empowering them with a new set of skills and increasing their confidence. This will have a very positive impact on society”

- Anonymous

“The course was a great tool to improve verbal description skills”

- Anonymous

“Aloha! The workshop was incredible! The instructor, Steve, was highly professional and thoughtful. It was obvious that he knows his material and his audience. There was a lot of information packed into a short period, so it will take practice to engraine the techniques, but my friends and I left the program that day very excited and feeling more confident in ourselves. We at ATRC want to support this program in whatever way possible”

- Anonymous

“I enjoyed the opportunity to attend 1Touch™ with a few of my staff, on Friday March 24, 2017. The next time the training is offered, I will make it mandatory for all (20) staff to attend. I found 1Touch™ to be more than reactive. “What do I so if...?” vs, how not to be a victim. 1Touch™ provided facts and supporting psychologies’ that most folks would never think about. I found it informative, enlightening, fun, and powerful”

- Paul George, DSLC, Program Director

“This training has been needed for several years. I have no doubt that my vets will feel safer and more empowered with this training”.

– Catherine Rodgers

“The 1Touch™ Certification training was an amazing experience for me and the other VA staff and veterans that attended. The quality of the informational materials and teaching far supersede other programs I have been a part of in the blindness community. We will have the opportunity to extend the learning to the broader community thanks to the insight and guidance from the management of this non-profit. Very highly recommended!”

- Dana A. Draa, MA, CAPP, COMS, CRC, Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) Coordinator

“I have taken several sessions of the 1Touch™ program. In each session I have learned more to increase my independence and become more confident in my mobility and orientation. I would like to thank 1Touch™ for a program that helps a blind individual to feel safe and confident in their travel. Knowing that there are techniques and skills to help you in a situation where you are uncomfortable.Knowing that peaceful resolution is the first option. It gives you the confidence to feel safe in trouble knowing that if something happen you have skills and techniques to protect yourself. I would love to learn the skills to be able to share and teach others to also feel confident in their travel and daily activities.”

- Thomas Neal

“I would like to think the 1Touch™ Organization for the Introduction Workshop. I really enjoyed the class and the instructions that you all gave me was very beneficial and very easy grasp. I am looking forward to receiving the 1Touch™ Coaching Registration Information and upon receipt I will complete all documents required in order for me to participate in the 1Touch™ Coaching Certification Course”

- Dennis Darnes

“I would like to thank first and foremost VA coordinators Mr. Udobi and Sensei Mark Smith for coordinating the 1Touch™ Program with magnificent instructors Steve and Miranda Brown. The instructions given from these two very knowledgeable persons were extremely powerful and straightforward. Additional teachings was given as the instructors made their rounds ensuring all students were on the same level and the forms were performed properly with no injury. What I appreciated the most is the fact that it didn't matter the students disability as Steve and Miranda made it their duty to give the best quality advice on each form and technique. During our training session the students were presented with different sceneries which can be applied to situations that we are faced with in daily life. These situations brought about three responses fight, flight, and freeze and if defending or attacking is necessary given the circumstances. I can only speak for myself but in sure we can all say this experience was nothing less than enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend these two instructors and the 1Touch™ Program for future collaborations with veterans and the veteran’s affairs. Look forward to seeing more programs like this and one’s similar. Again thank you veteran’s affairs and 1Touch™ Program”

- Joseph Mcmillian

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Stephen, the entire 1Touch™ team and VA Adaptive Sports for the wonderful opportunity to attend the introductory workshop at the Atlanta VAMC. As a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, I’ve served Veterans who have not only lost their vision, but their confidence as well. This course provides a hands-on experience that enables learners to take back their power! I’ve already recommended the 3-day certification course to blind rehab instructors and Veterans. Hopefully, the VA will sponsor training at other facilities”

- Ella Hart, VA National Program Consultant

“The initial 1Touch™ training encourages one’s self confidence and to be involved rather than “freeze” in action. As a participant I was guided through what I needed to learn in a positive way. Instructor provided feedback how to improve the techniques if needed. The instructor’s approach provided both action-oriented and talking to describe to the person who is visually impaired what will be happening. It was a good combination to have sighted and visually impaired participants practice the moves & techniques and also to have actions described verbally and demonstrated hands-on. Overall, a good outreach program to all ages, not gender specific, and helps to increase independence. The instructor was clear in instructions, respectful, and allowed it to be a fun but important training”

- MaryAnn Zelinsky, VA

“I really learned a lot from attending the 1Touch™ class. I use to feel like there was a possible chance I would not know what to do in an altercation. Now armed with the knowledge of 1Touch™, there are techniques that can be used for self-defense. Thanks to the coaches, staff and VA for bringing this program to the veterans. I will be looking forward to future classes”

- Eugene J.

“While attending the 1Touch™ workshop as VAMC Staff, I was able to observe the faces of some of our patients in attendance. It was interesting to see the reward in their faces as they mastered each of the 1Touch™ techniques. Clearly, everyone left the workshop feeling a richer sense of self security and empowerment that did not arrive with them. All are hungry for more”

- Mark Smith, VA

“I enjoyed the 1Touch™ seminar on January 6, 2017. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. I greatly appreciate the seminar. I think Veterans with PTSD, as well as those with anger issues could benefit from this course as well. Example, how to not over react to a situation (as we humans sometimes do). Learning to assess and evaluate a situation before reacting could be very useful (could also keep a lot of people stay out of trouble. Provided they are willing to go through with the training). I honestly see a lot of good 1Touch™ could do for many. Thank you again”

- Christiana Jones

“Here are some of the key benefits I believe consumers can gain from 1Touch™ Self Defense:

• Increased Confidence-reduced anxiety, fear and mindset
• Increased Independence and Decreased Isolation
• Opportunities not only to socialize, but to connect with others who have a similar experience as you
• Exercise and Fitness- 1Touch™ is going to require repeated ongoing physical practice
• Provides an opportunity for purpose in that 1Touch™ requires commitment and dedication in order to learn
• Vocational Opportunities

Thanks again for the opportunity to attend! This was quite valuable to have the opportunity to learn and experience firsthand”

- Amber Mavroff

“All my life, I have been searching for a self-defense system that I can learn and use as a blind person. 1Touch™ is it!!!”

- Steve Handschu

“I need to extend a huge personal thank you to you for donating your time at Lighthouse today. Solano County, where I primarily teach, is a semi-rural county with several towns that have recently expanded, and with that growth has come big-city crime that is new and frightening to Solano County residents. For years now my students have been expressing fear about traveling alone in the community-sometimes to the point of refusing training. I have had many students, both men and women, refuse to learn to take buses due to fear of harassment, assault, etc.; many more students refuse to travel outside of Solano County, to places like San Francisco, out of fear, which limits their exposure to other blind people and the sense of community that comes from being able to travel to meet other people. It thrills me that I (hopefully) will someday soon be able to offer self-defense training to students so that they will be able to travel confidently, knowing that they have the skills necessary to defend themselves if and when the need ever arises. Again, thank you so much for contributing your time today to help all of us at Lighthouse prepare for our certification exam. I deeply appreciate your generosity with your time, effort, and passion”

- Sarah McIntyre, COMS

“Hello this is Paula Winter; I had this training on Tuesday December 6, 2016 at the Cleveland Sight Center. I am employed at the center as well. I am about completely blind as well. When I heard we were going to have a training session I was excited. However my next question was how was this going to be explained to a room full of visually impaired people. This was my main curiosity how it would it be possible. In a word the experience was “Awesome” really and truly. I was amazed as how smoothly things went and we got it. We really got it. This experience has given me personally something back to me. It has given me some control back and has given me some independence back. That is a great feeling. I want to continue learning if possible and grow within this and maybe become a coach as well. Thank you so much for making me feel like a capable person”

- Paula Winters

“My name is Alexis Tyson. I really enjoyed the class on Monday. The instructors were knowledgeable in their approach. I am interested in becoming an instructor. Thanks”

- Alexis Tyson

“To Whom It May Concern; I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Stephen, Miranda, and all the other instructors that participated in the one day self-defense class at the Cleveland site center on December 6th. I was extremely impressed with their knowledge, personalities and willingness to share the skill sets they have acquired so that we too can become confident in defending ourselves as visually impaired people. My hope is that I will have the opportunity to learn much more and continue this type of training. Hopefully, the necessary funding will become available to allow for continuation of this program. It is extremely needed and appreciated”

- Jimmy Miragliotta

“My name is John Naples and I participated in your training and recruitment session last week in Cleveland. I am sending this message to request further information regarding becoming an instructor”

- John Naples

“I enjoyed attending the self-defense class at the Cleveland Sight Center on Tuesday. As I commented to Steve the instructor, I have been a victim of assault in my past. The class helped me to get some confidence, and an idea of how to react to an attack. I would like to continue the classes as a student. Thank you for the opportunity”

- William Ruiz

“Living as a visually impaired person who values his independence. It is important for me to learn different skills to be able to confidently take care of myself. Some of these skills include cooking cleaning techniques, traveling skills, and often forgotten the ability to defend one self. This 1Touch™ experience helped me realize if it became necessary for me to protect myself. There are skills and techniques that could be good resources. It provides the visually impaired the opportunity to build confidence, and could potentially help keep individuals in good physical condition. I would love to be able to take part in spreading the awareness to visually impaired individuals that they do have the ability to live and travel confidently and independently”

- Stanley Griffin, Cleveland Sight Center

“I want to thank all of you for coming to the Cleveland Sight Center on December fifth. The 1Touch™ program was fantastic! The instructors were great, the techniques I was shown were realistic and could be easily mastered with more practice, and most of all, I feel more confident knowing the techniques that were shown to me. Being a young, vision impaired female, I would like to learn more about self-defense and I would like to participate in further 1Touch™ classes so that I can become more confident and skilled in the techniques that were taught on December 5th. There are also other techniques that I would like to learn more about and how to do on my own. I am looking forward to participating in additional 1 touch program classes. Thank you again to everyone who made December 5th possible. It was an awesome day"

- Brooke Dowdy

“I really enjoyed the 1Touch™ seminar here at the Sight Center on December 6th, and I'm so glad that you and the others came. There are not many options available to help individuals like me who are totally blind learn self-defense techniques. I think it is another key to helping us feel safe as we travel independently. As we said during the seminar, so much of this is how others perceive us and how we can maintain control in a specific situation. The more confident I can be that I'll be able to get out of a scary situation, the more confidence I may be able to project when I travel alone. In addition to being blind, I am very short and a woman and all of these factors make me want to know that I can protect myself if something happens”

- Nicole Kahn, Peer Mentor, Cleveland Sight Center

“I found the training invaluable. I work with clients in the community and often get the comment about not wanting to use a cane because the client feels vulnerable. I am a Vision rehabilitation therapist. I am sixty-four, and have never taken any kind of self-defense. I learned so much in the one day training I would like to learn more or even be a coach. I always look at what I can pass on to the client I serve and feel I could easily teach them how to be more confident in their travel in the community with the techniques I was shown. I went home after the training and showed my thirty-four year old son what I had learned and I almost broke his hand showing him one of the moves. Don't worry I just cracked the knuckles on the last two fingers of his hand. He was impressed with what I showed him and appeared proud of what I could do to keep myself safe. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn to keep myself safe. I will not forget what I was shown and would like to learn more, practice what I learned and help co-ordinate a group in Cleveland”

- Annette Jakse, Rehabilitation Teacher, Cleveland Sight Center

“Individuals who are blind or visually impaired are physically vulnerable in public places. This can lead to fear, and fear can often limit exposure to vocational, social and self-determinated experiences. 1Touch™ is a methodical and instructive way to teach individuals with visual impairments self-defense skills. Through 1Touch™, they gain safety skills, confidence and independent movement in the community without fear”

- Lauren J. Lieberman Ph.D., Co-Director of The Institute of Movement Studies for Individuals with Visual Impairments, Distinguished Service Professor

“As a member and Trustee of Blind Veterans UK I was struck by the significant boost to self-confidence that could be delivered by the 1Touch™ Program. At the same time as providing valuable techniques to bring a sense of security to one’s physical well-being it also provides a better understanding of the world around us and how to move safely and efficiently within it.”

- Kerry Levins, Blind Veterans UK Trustee

“I found the practical very enjoyable and most informative. His explanation of where the idea came from set the scene very well and the concept is simple but very clever and it would seem to be a realistic option for people with disabilities. I really enjoyed the practical although would have like to have a bit longer and go into things in a bit more depth but time constraints would not allow this. I would definitely be interested in any future workshops/courses in this area.”

- EUCAPA 2012 Delegate

“It was soooo good! I had people (customers - !!) practising the 1Touch™, One Step, on guard and of course we had some really good discussions. The feedback was really positive and everyone had a smile on their faces. I demonstrated a couple of locks and everyone really wants a rolling programme to practise and learn more. The adrenalin was a-pumping! - so much so I lost my appetite for the afternoon! Haha! They loved it and I loved it too. So glad I did the course, Stephen. The benefits of the programme are massive.”

- Amy Wakefield, Information and Assessment Officer, Strategic Commissioning & Community, London Borough of Newham

“The 1Touch™ self defense system developed and instructed by Stephen Nicholls was personally one of the best workshops I have ever attend. From my over 40 years of martial arts experience, I found the instruction top-notch, relevant as a self-defense for visually impaired individuals and lends to the building of self confidence and inner awareness. I would recommend this program to anyone desiring to become a coach or just learning how to defend themselves. It matters not if you are sighted or not, or that you have martial arts experience, the program is practical and with practice an individual can master the techniques within a short period of time.”

- Dave Meharg, Teacher of Visually Impaired, Fl School for the D/B

"I thought that it was a very good introductory course. I learnt a lot of simple self-defense techniques that do not require a great deal of physical strength (which I haven't got).”

- Sharon Grennan

“Just want to connect and say thank you once again for a great training. Learned a lot and hope to continue polishing my understanding of effective ways of self-defense for those with visual impairments and blindness. Thumbs up for 1Touch™”

- David Miller, Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Deaf-blind Services, The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

“It relayed to us what is an important missing piece of most blind rehab programs. This serves as a natural addition to Orientation and Mobility training, as nobody is going to become a seasoned traveler if their fear of being attacked prevents them from leaving their home”

- Liam Whitney, Long Beach Veterans Blind Rehabilitation Center

“On behalf of all of us at the NFB of Illinois, I want to thank you for your presentations at our seminar last weekend. You really showed that blind people can learn effective techniques for staying safe in a threatening situation, and everyone learned a lot in the short time that the schedule allowed. A couple of the kids in our Freedom Link program were especially excited about the possibility of learning more. Thank you for coming all the way out to Chicago to participate in our seminar! Let's stay in touch”

- Debbie Stein, NFB of Illinois

“The 1Touch™ Self-Defense course was very helpful for me personally and will be extremely important for our students to learn. I am so grateful to have this valuable information as a teacher”

- Melissa Bishop, Missouri School for the Blind

“As an Orientation and Mobility Specialist I believe 1Touch™ Self Defense techniques will be a valuable addition to my instruction.”

- Julie Ituarte, MO State University

“I had a great experience of learning 1Touch™. The techniques are very effective and the instructors were great”

- Shaojun Chen, Missouri School for the Blind

“I enjoyed the class. The information is very useful. I enjoyed the instructors enthusiasm and he was very descriptive. I would take the class again”

- Adnan Gutic, Braille Teacher, MO School for the Blind

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the 1Touch™ presentation that you gave to the Living with Sight Loss course a few weeks ago at Hackney. The feedback that we got on the day and also the overall feedback on the last day showed that 1Touch™ was one of the main highlights from the course. Thanks once again and I really look forward to working with you both in the future”

- Nick French, Regional Welfare Rights Officer London &South East Region, Action for Blind People

“Hello you folks out there! It’s Rachel and I’m sending this message out there for those who have heard of “1Touch™” but have not yet experienced it, I am inviting you or even challenging you to at least try it. I can almost guarantee you will find it very impressive. We have some amazing coaches who make it so much fun! I have already completed my first few weeks and I’m ready to go and train some more. Besides the course itself I have met some of the most interesting people who with much humor have shared their stories and challenges as a blind or visually impaired person. There are lots of good moments as we also find ways to encourage each other in this journey. So, don’t think about it too much. come and give it a try.1Touch™ is fun and I promise you it is E F F E C T I V E ! I believe this program can reach other levels and it will only empower and enrich us.”

- Rachel Weir

“Hola mi genteallatodos ! Soy Rachel y quiero enviar este mensa je porsihan escuchado del curso “One Touch” y toda via no lo han experimentado, les invito, o mejor les reto a que por lo menosvengan e intentarlo. Les garantizo que se van a impresionar. Tenemosunosentrenadores que hacen el entrenamiento muy divertido. Yayo he completa domisprimerassemanas y estoylista a volver a entrenar. Ademas del cursoensimismo, he conocido a personas muyinteresantesquienes con mucho humor hancompartidosusanecdotas y retoscomo personas ciegas o visualmentelimitadas. Hay muchosbuenosmomentos y a la mismavezencontramos la manera de alentarnoslosunos a losotrosenestajornada de lo que esserciego. Asies que, vengan e intentenlo. “One Touch” es muy divertido y muy E F E C T I V O ! Yocreo que este programa lllegara a otrosniveles y solo nospuededar mas armas y enriquecernos”

- Rachel Weir

“I really enjoyed the coaching sessions. I think it is a great empowering tool and I cannot wait to see this just blow up all around the world. I really gained a valuable tool in helping me surf this world with greater confidence. I thank all of you for the opportunity to participate…Again, thanks and I look forward to see all of you soon.”

- Sonya Hauser, Optical Administrative Clerk, Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind

“I am a typically sighted adult who has been working with children and adults who are blind and visually impaired for the last twelve years. That said, I am also a small woman who is not athletic or coordinated. After attending a presentation on the 1Touch™ Self Defense program, I decided to attend the coach's training because the program seemed like information I should be sharing with my students. The program just seems to have such potential to not only increase the safety of individuals who are blind and visually impaired, but to increase the sense of well being individuals have. The increased confidence and sense of well being that individuals can get from the 1Touch™ Project can lead to increased independence and opportunities for independent mobility. Plus, it's just cool. I'm so glad I did the training, and I didn't even have to be large or athletic to do it”

- Tessa McCarthy, PhD, North Carolina Central University

“What does 1Touch™ mean to me? It means leveling the playing field for the most vulnerable among us, and giving them the skills they need to walk freely; comfortably and safely anywhere they want. I am passionate about this program because it allows me to give back to a community I can relate to. And If I can stop one child from feeling the paralyzing fear I once felt then it would have all been worth it. If I were to sum up 1Touch™ in one word, it's FREEDOM!”

- OT Orozco

“Two of my students recently had the opportunity to participate in a 1-Touch Self-Defense workshop. I was able to observe the training, and was impressed by the descriptive nature of the course and the hands-on approach to learning. The students learned two steps of the five step program in a two hour session, and immediately felt the empowerment that they could gain from a full program of self-defense. This type of program leads to a better understanding of body mechanics, which could open possibilities for other physical activities, while dispelling the myth that they are incapable of taking care of themselves. As a Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments, I believe a program of self-defense should be part of the expanded core curriculum, and should be introduced in the elementary years and progress in skill development through high school”

- Janet Ulwick-Sacca

“This is great,” said Scott Land, a gymnastics instructor in Colorado. “The 1Touch™ system is unlike any other training I am aware of. 1Touch™ raises and addresses topics for the blind and vision impaired hitherto ignored”

- Scott Land

“The 1Touch™ Project empowers children and adults with visual impairments, with the tools and confidence to defend themselves, under aggressive, sometimes dangerous situations. My training has enabled me to model and demonstrate how to get out of a situation; as well as; how to get away, if the person feels unsafe.”

- Wendy Miller, TVI Iowa Educational Services

“Class was great. It was simple direct and to the point.”

- Tony Riley TVI, Texas School for the Blind

“I can say without a doubt 1Touch™ has enabled me to release my own insecurities and gain more confidence as a person and an instructor! This class will challenge individuals and make one dig deep and tap into areas they didn’t know existed. It was a holistic journey that I'm privileged to have had the opportunity to experience”

- Ryan Watts, Teacher/DPI, NC School for the Blind

As a physical education teacher for the visually impaired and Tae kwon do coach, I’m very impressed with the coaching certification training and approach. The program addresses a major need with the blind and can be tied in with the Expanded Core Curriculum with school-aged children. Anyone who is interested or skeptical about the 1Touch™™ should understand that this is about self-defense, not a martial art. For the student, they will feel more empowered on how to handle difficult encounters concerning their personal safety. For the organization and parent, they should know that Mr. Nichols selects certified advanced coaches that are compassionate, competent, and confident. I fully endorse the 1Touch™.”

- Keith Young, Florida School for the Deaf/Blind

“Along with proper rehabilitation training, this program has the potential to make an important difference in the lives of blind people, by helping them to develop both the sense of confidence and security that will allow them to truly achieve independence.”

- Jeff Altman, Orientation and Mobility Instructor, Nebraska Commission for the Blind

“I just finished the 1Touch™ program, and I plan to receive my certification in six months. I think this is a great compliment to the NFB’s motto, "Changing what it means to be Blind". I look forward to being able to add this as another tool in assisting my clients to regain control of their lives with a new confidence that they often feel that they have lost along with their sight. I highly recommend this program”

- Glenn Irvin, Nebraska Commission for the Blind

“I am an O&M Specialist and have been looking several years for a program such as this. This comprehensive curriculum and effective coaching course met and surpassed what I was looking for. I am thankful that I found 1Touch™ and was able to attend the training. Now I am spreading the word!”

- Leah Pittman, O&M Specialist

“This training was very informative and has given me more confidence in protecting myself and passing on information to the visually impaired/blind consumers.”

- Cheryl Bitting, RN, NC Rehabilitation Center for the Blind

“I get exactly what I need from 1Touch™ Self-Defense, personalized one-on-one attention in an environment which allowed me to learn at my pace. This program is a simple and straightforward way to present self-defense to all ages that is flexible in meeting my needs and the needs of my students. At the Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired we have a motto to “Live the life you’ve imagined”; 1Touch™ is another way for our students to live their life.”

- Daniel Ashman, Activities and Special Projects Coordinator, Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired

“On July 6th, 2014 I walked into the 1Touch™ workshop at the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) National convention and since then my life has never been the same. I went in wondering just how good learning hands-on tactics in a 2 hour workshop can be and by my surprise: I was amazed and I said to myself “this is so totally awesome and cool”

I was weary and hesitant before entering the convention center and could not understand just how the coaches were going to instruct a room full of blind people just how to protect themselves but let me tell you: I was so amazed and overwhelmed with happiness and I was so ecstatic that I made the choice to attend the workshop!

After the 2 hours were finished I had gained so much knowledge about protecting myself as well as finding out for myself that I am very capable of getting someone down to the ground! I left the workshop feeling 10 feet tall and on top of the world!!! I love 1Touch™ project so much and believe it it so much that I feel now this is what I am meant to be doing: instructing others on self-defense, helping them achieve goals that they thought were not possible!”

- Trisha Ebel, Adjustment to Vision Loss Coordinator for the State of New Jersey

It” is true that blind folks can be targets in their communities. I personally have experienced being bullied on the play ground as a blind student, pick pocketed in the public domain as an adult taking a city stroll, and in the privacy of my own working environment I have witnessed unfortunate physical violence. Self-defense is a part of becoming independent. We must be ready to be independent at all times so we can achieve the success we all want for ourselves”

- Richie Flores

“Having witnessed first hand the incredibly positive impact that the sessions had on a number of blind and partially sighted people in London, I would have no hesitation in recommending this programme to any other organisations who may work with people with sight loss. The way in which the sessions were delivered was first class and it was clear that the experience that the organisation have in working with people with sight loss enabled them to maximise their own abilities and ensure that everyone was involved too a level with which they felt comfortable.

Such was the positive response that I received from those that I have spoken too, Action for Blind people in the East Midlands, are looking to roll out a series of 1Touch™ sessions that will engage with people with sight loss of all ages in the forthcoming months, and I am confident that the response and feedback from the sessions will continue to be incredibly positive and have a positive impact upon the lives of many blind and partially sighted people”

- Benjamin Jackson, Independent Living Co-ordinator

“From what I have seen, the 1Touch™ system has provided a unique and tailored solution to the issue of visually-impaired people gaining some kind of self-confidence in personal security. I originally got in touch with Steve on behalf of a blinded soldier who wanted to do martial arts but not judo and I soon discovered that the 1Touch™ programme is the only thing of its kind which fit the bill. Steve very kindly gave up a day to offer some free instruction to a group of our VI soldiers and they all appreciated the experience greatly. Watching from the touch line myself, it was wonderful to see them moving freely around and regaining some confidence in tackling an unwanted assault. I look forward to the programme developing and reaching out to the wider blind veteran community.”

– Rachel Farhi, M.A. (Lond), R.S.A. Dip. Specialist Employment Consultant, London District

“The 1Touch™ Project is an awesome resource for EVERYONE! I recommend anyone who may want to gain confidence for their personal safety to take the 1Touch™ training. I left my training feeling more confident and excited to continue on to my coaching certification.”

- Carolyn Free, Walton Options for Independence

“This was an excellent course. It helped me understand the teaching methods that would make me a more effective coach for blind and visually impaired students. The course gave a great insight into the legality of self defense and the stages of aggression. This was the first time I have worked with others who share my visual impairment, and that was an awesome and “eye opening” opportunity to better understand myself and how to better advocate for myself in training situations.

- Mike Sedmak

“I found the session extremely informative, interesting, and helpful. I have to tell you, as a two-time sexual assault survivor, I was initially very hesitant to engage, and some of the conversation was really difficult for me, but I walked away feeling empowered. I would love to continue learning about the 1Touch™program if possible. Thank you so much for making this available to us. I know it was really touching (pun intended) for me to learn that there is a project aware of the unique physical challenges/threats that potentially face blind women. I also wanted to note that, although I find this kind of thing pretty triggering in general, I found the 1Touch™ approach comfortable and mostly easy to follow. Thank you so much.”

– Anonymous

“Since taking 1Touch™ training, I have become more confident, more aware of my environment in a positive way. 1Touch™ has given me tools that I can use to defend myself should the need arise. A friend noticed the difference, noting the way I carried myself and speak with confidence. This can literally change you for the better - it did for me. Thank you!”

- Lynn Klish

“I am a woman who is hearing impaired and going blind. 1Touch™ has helped to give me tools that have replaced paranoia with confidence. I am comfortable hearing voices behind me, I turn and acknowledge that I've heard them by looking in the direction and then turn back around. I don't stiffen up like I used to. You see, it's not been purely my vision loss that caused the paranoia. I was raped by a co-worker when I was nineteen. I married a man who was verbally and emotionally abusive. He threw things. Would use my blind spots to his advantage. I lived on pins-n-needles for years. It's known as Domestic Abuse. Granted, losing my vision more and more did not help. I was advised by my counselor and the police to leave, that I did not belong there. My counselor stated the abuse would become physical and that I needed to get out while I could. So I did. Until you have been in these shoes, don't be too quick to judge women who stay... I stayed a long time. It's taken six years to get where I am now. Thanks to 1Touch™, I am becoming more comfortable with myself, more confident. So thank you 1Touch™ for all you do. This lady thanks you from the deepest part of me! Love you guys!”

– Anonymous

“Living with vision loss is hard enough; fearing for my safety makes it even more challenging. The 1Touch™ program has taken away that fear and allows me to live my life with confidence”

- Samuel Seavey

“The 1Touch™ project instills confidence to empower any individual living with blindness to independently travel in both familiar and unfamiliar places. I am so proud to have the knowledge of this program to share with my visually impaired peers to give them all the happiness and tools I received through my training”

- Ricky Jones

“1Touch™ Project is something I have been wanting to do to become more confident, more independent while traveling, and to take what I have been taught to give others in my community who fear traveling alone or at night the freedom to feel more confident in doing what they want when they want. It will definitely help me continue to step outside my own comfort zone to experience more in my lifetime. Living life through adventure”

- Christy Ray

“When I went to Dallas in 2015, I went to a 1Touch™ Project work shop that was offered. Since then I have wanted to learn the 1Touch™ Project self-defense. Now that I have gone through the training, I am looking forward to becoming a Coach. I want to be able to help others become more self-confident when traveling and socializing. I value my independence and am happy that I can feel safer with the knowledge from the 1Touch™ Project Programs. I am very excited about working on getting my Coaching Certification”

- Shirley Stivers

“This was a tremendous opportunity for me personally at this time in my life. I had just experienced eighteen months of devastating betrayal, loss, grief and an emotional roll a coaster. This training helped me to regain focus on the fact that I have value, that I am really in control and through the information, education and 1Touch™ techniques, I no longer experience the feeling of insignificance and of being out of control in my environment. I am truly grateful to the Instructors and the privilege to meet other great people in the class. I am excited to become certified as a 1Touch™ Coach and to share this information and techniques with others. The Instructors are excellent and the program is awesome! My deepest gratitude to all who made this opportunity possible for me. My goal is to become the best 1Touch™ Coach and pay it forward”

- Pam Glisson

“After completing the 1Touch™ Program I feel confident going anywhere by myself”

- Kim Rich

“I recently had the privilege and joy of participating in a 1Touch™ Coaching Certification Course. Twelve Lighthouse staff and community members took part in a three day training which just blew my mind. We covered so much material and had so much fun doing it. Although we left completely exhausted each night, we left knowing so much information, from how to distance oneself from an unwanted touch to how to file a witness report. At the conclusion of the three day seminar, we all walked away more confident, alert and ready to give back to The blindness community in the most meaningful and best way possible ... as certified 1Touch™ Coaches. If you are considering taking a workshop to feel more safe and confident out in the world, or if you are considering becoming a coach, don't hesitate! Just do it. This is one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself and for your community.”

- Lisamaria Martinez , San Francisco Lighthouse

“For years now, students have been asking me if I know of any self-defense courses "appropriate for blind people." I finally have a program to recommend to them! The instruction was excellent, and I couldn’t be happier with the learning experience”

- O&M Specialist, SF Lighthouse

“As a visually impaired woman who has studied self defense prior to this training, I feel this particular training gives me confidence in myself and my ability to handle most situations I might come across. The 1Touch™ Project is something I will be sharing with as many friends and family as much as possible. Long live the 1Touch™ Project!”

- Amy Plumlee

“I have extensive experience providing employment services with people who are blind or visually impaired, along with extensive experience providing martial arts instruction. The 1Touch™ Project has tied two of my vocations together so I can now teach a self- defense course specifically designed for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. As a Recruiter with Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired, my goal is to assist individuals that we serve obtain employment. I am now able to offer the 1Touch™ Self-defense course to my co-workers and community partners. I am totally convinced that the benefits of the 1Touch™ Project of increasing individuals confidence, independence, social interaction and communication skills to name a few, will transfer to increasing the number of blind or visually impaired individuals in our workforce. We now have another program to empower people and increase their quality of life”

- Chuck Geiger ,CABVI Recruiter

“This program is awesome, and I am very impressed. Through learning the techniques, I was able to make the connection between what I used to know and how to make it work with the sight I have now. Whether you are interested in coaching or learning self-defense, I highly recommend 1Touch™”

- Roger Crome

“I was always more or less confident in my travel skills as a blind student however, I always wondered what would happen if I was placed in a situation where I actually needed to defend myself. As I graduated to a university setting, that fear became all the more prevalent. It did not ever stop me from going out and about, but it was always in the back of my mind.

“Before I took my first 1Touch™ workshop, I had always believed self-defense was impossible for the blind to achieve, as it relied heavily upon visual cues. Due to this misconception, I believed that if I ever was to be attacked, I would be at a severe disadvantage.1Touch™, and the principles it demonstrates, showed me that was, in fact, not the case. Through the techniques I was shown, and which I eventually strove to learn, I found that I could indeed defend myself as well as any of my sighted peers. Then, one day I was placed in a situation where I had to employ those techniques. An assailant cornered me in an empty room and blocked my access to the door. When he grasped me, my training kicked in. To this day, I believe that made the difference as to whether I let things get worse or took command of the situation. I did the latter, and since I did not wish to inflict any permanent damage, I used a finger lock to break his grip and force him from the room. It was only after the fact that I realized 1Touch™ might very well have saved my life.1Touch™ has not only given me increased self-confidence, but also the means with which I can handle a potentially dangerous situation with minimal risk to myself. I sincerely wish for other students to have the same experiences, and though I am not yet a Coach, I hope to continue setting up these workshops so that others can be given the same opportunities I have received through engaging in training”

- Su Park

“As I represent Living Life Team Inc., I would like to thank you for traveling to Madison Georgia on September 25th to instruct a 1Touch™ Class. The support group members found the class to be very beneficial. They enjoyed learning the release techniques and especially the defense technique of twisting the wrist. Being introduced to some basic techniques and how to be aware and assess a situation makes them feel more comfortable and confident with going out in the public. In getting feedback from the members, they stated that the teaching methods you used to instruct the class and individual contact with them made it easier for them to comprehend. They are eager to continue practicing all that you taught them.

Everyone expressed that they would love for you to come work with them again. Thank you for using your passion as your work!

- Rita Harris - President/CEO, Living Life Team Inc.

“I don’t think I’m overstating the truly life changing effect that the 1touch workshop had on my sense of empowerment when traveling alone as a blind person. I’ve already noticed since I participated in the day long workshop that I feel like I have tools to use if engaged by others , well meaning or not. It’s sometimes very scary out in the world and it’s also tempting to stay home where it feels safe. Steven was an excellent instructor who used humor and real life examples to keep the material he taught relevant to all kinds of possible situations. The information I received was just the boost I needed to navigate with more confidence. I also want to thank David Emanuel for arranging this workshop for the Vista clients in Santa Cruz. I hope there will be another one soon. I will beat my drum loudly to encourage other clients and volunteers to take this workshop.

Thank you again”

- Patrice Maginnis -- Access Technology Specialist -- Vista Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired

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