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1Touch™ Certified Coaches

Stephen Nicholls – United States

Stephen Nicholls Profile pic Professor Nicholls began his training in the Kodenkan Danzan Ryu system of Ju-Jitsu in 1980 under Professor Kufferath. He is an established instructor in London and holds a professional trainer certification with the CIEH. After being invited to teach a self-defense workshop at British Guide Dogs, Stephen came to the realization that their needed to be a comprehensive curriculum for the blind, a platform for distribution and continued development. Mr. Nicholls has since risen to this challenge and continues to teach, promote and certify instructors throughout his extensive travels.

Umit TurkesevUmit Turkesev – United Kingdom

Umit is a remarkable individual and an inspiration to us all. Mr. Turkesev was present at the first workshop Professor Nicholls provided to the blind and was from then on at the ground floor of the development and refinement to follow. He became the first Certified Coach and has gone on to present locally, as well as abroad at various prestigious conferences and organizations

Richard WarnerRichard Warner – California

Richard Warner is a martial artist and massage therapist from Oakland, CA. He met Professor Nicholls during a massage seminar and heard of his work with teaching self-defense to the blind. Mr. Warner then set out to learn more and began offering classes at the Lighthouse in San Francisco after completing the certification process. He continues to assist with and hold workshops at conferences around the country and has assumed the title of West Coast Director.

Mark MelonsonMark Melonson – Texas

Mark is an Information Security Consultant and Traditional Jujitsu practitioner from Houston, TX. He met Professor Nicholls in July of 2010 and became certified in August of that year. Since then Mr. Melonson has had the privilege of presenting to various organizations throughout the United States and continues to do so with the hopes of spreading the benefits that this system brings both to its instructors and practitioners alike. Mark also serves as U.S. Southern Regional Director.

Jim Pilkington – Colorado

Jim Pilkington is a native of Colorado, and is an Assistive Technology instructor in Denver. His martial arts background includes training in Krav Maga and Kenjitsu. He has also studied gymnastics with a blind instructor for several years. After meeting Professor Nicholls in 2010, he completed his 1Touch™ instructor certification in August of 2011. Jim has been teaching 1Touch™ at the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (CODVR) training center in Denver since early 2012. He has also taught at CODVR regional offices in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

As Jim says, "I've been interested in martial arts for many years, but since losing my eyesight I was skeptical about practical self-defense. But the 1Touch™ program convinced me. This program addresses physical, mental, and psychological aspects of self-defense from the very first lesson. As an instructor I have witnessed the benefits to my students well beyond physical safety."

Katrina-Traut-SavinoKatrena Traut-Savino – Massachusetts

I have worked in the field of blindness and visual impairment for 33 years as a Teacher of Children with Visual Impairments (TVI) and Orientation and Mobility Specialist. I became involved in the 1Touch™ Program because I felt I needed to do more to help my students become independent and safe travelers. Even short-term training of 1 Touch techniques results in increased confidence, heightened safety awareness, and a sense of empowerment. I am available to instruct people of all ages however, my focus is on teaching children ages 14+.

Tim Traut-SavinoTim Traut-Savino – Massachusetts

Tim has been a 1Touch™ Coach since July, 2012. Tim is a dually licensed Teacher of the Visually Impaired / Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS) and has worked with school aged visually impaired children in Massachusetts for 33 years. Tim is currently working in Special Education Administration as a Student Services Coordinator for Attleboro Public Schools. Together with his wife Katrena, plans are underway to offer a 1Touch™ Course to middle and high school aged visually impaired students in the spring, 2014.

Miranda BrownMiranda Brown – Iowa

Ms. Brown is from Iowa and is the 1Touch™ Executive Administrative Assistant. She has a Bachelors degree in Management, an Accounting Certificate and a Human Resource Management Certificate. Her background consists of volunteering for non-profit organizations, specifically organizations for the blind. She became a 1Touch™ Coach in Nov 2013 after being introduced to the 1Touch Project in 2012 at the NFB National Convention in Texas.

Gene DaileyGene Dailey – Washington

Gene became interested in self-defense, after nearly being mugged while walking home from grocery shopping. When the One Touch Coach training was offered at The Lighthouse in Seattle, he saw a need to fill within the blind community in his area, and jumped at the chance. Gene is a Senior Machine Operator at the Inland Northwest Lighthouse in Spokane, and is married with three children and six grandchildren. He is looking forward to helping people prevent traumatic experiences while traveling in the community, and increasing their self-confidence.

Brando Collins – North Carolina

Brando Collins is a self-defense instructor and Martial Arts teacher from Chicago IL, currently teaching in North Carolina. He met Professor Nicholls in December of 2013 and was certified in May of 2014. Brando's background includes Freestyle Ninja Fighting, Judo, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Manabimasho, Gendai Goshen Jitsu, and Hapkido. He is an extremely driven person who wants to put the capabilities of 1Touch™ in as many hands as possible.

"In this exciting, thrilling yet changing and dangerous world we live in, a system like 1Touch™ is needed to ensure that blind people and other venerable members of society have a means of protecting themselves against anyone that will do them physical harm. It's a RIGHT, and I am more than happy to assist the Professor and the rest of this organization in equipping people with the capability of defending themselves and their families."

Amy WakefieldAmy Wakefield – United Kingdom

Amy works for a local authority’s Sensory Team in London and found that confidence and vulnerability was a huge barrier when undertaking mobility practise with people. On stumbling across the 1Touch website she contacted Prof Stephen Nicholls for more information and is now a certified 1Touch coach. Amy has been teaching the visually impaired people she works for some 1Touch techniques ever since and has had reports of huge improvements in individuals’ confidence. The 1Touch programme is empowering and means greater freedom is possible.

Laelani Hattingh – United Kingdom - London

I currently work as a DSA (disabled student assessments) administrator for Action for blind people part of the RNIB group. I am also the administrator for 1Touch UK. I have a background in JKA Karate and have been presenting and teaching 1Touch classes at the RNIB for the last 2 years. I became a certified 1Touch Coach in November 2013. I believe in 1Touch and what it can present to anyone with sight loss.

Mike IrelandMike Ireland

Nick KirkersNick Kirkers – United Kingdon – Middlands

Nick currently volunteers as an admin assistant for Action for Blind People's Co-Production team. He was introduced to the 1 Touch Self-defence Project during a “Living with Sight Loss”course hosted by Action for blind people.

Nick first attended a 1Touch X-pand 6 week series beginners class hosted at the RNIB (by Laelani Hattingh & Umit Turkesev ) and went on to become a certified 1Touch coach in 2014.

Mike Sedmak – Colorado 

Mike is an electrical engineer and practitioner of International Kenpo Karate Jujitsu in Fort Collins, CO. He has RP which was diagnosed in his early 20’s. Mike has continued to work as a senior electrical engineer and started training in Kenpo in 2011. Mike met Professor Nicholls through his Kenpo Sensei, and took the 1touch coaching certification class in April 2016. Mike is interested in sharing the benefits of the 1touch system with others in Northern Colorado.

Chuck Geiger

Chuck Geiger – Ohio

Chuck’s vocational passion is providing job placement services with individuals who are blind or visually impaired at Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. His recreational passion is martial arts training and instructing. Chuck attended Stephen’s workshops at the 2016 National Albinism Conference. Chuck soon realized that he was now able to combine his two passions and provide self-defense instruction with his coworkers and community partners utilizing the 1 Touch Project curriculum. Chuck became a Certified Coach in 2017.

John Majkut

Mike Sedmak
George McDermith
Lynne Klish

William Graham
Brian Mosley
Carolyn Free
Nayvone Smith
Ivan Watkins

Lori Trujillo-Roush

Polly Abbott

Ryan McCary

Gary Garn

New Jersey
Hilton Santiago

North Carolina
Cheryl Bitting
Wynita Taylor

Ricky Jones
Christy Ray 

Annette Carr
Marilee Kenlon

Jim Turk

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